Lumiere is a platform for students to freely create and share their progress in a way that promotes learning in public. I think that it's a pretty interesting concept, since it introduces a layer of transparency when you share more about what you've learnt from things and the shortcomings you've faced along the way. When I first heard of Lumiere through Hack Club, I found it to be a pretty interesting concept!

Hello, Lumiere!

I began helping out a little here and there. To be fair, I had noticed small issues that were fairly minor but I thought could be easily fixed. Eventually, though, small changes will cascade to grow into bigger improvements that are noticeable throughout the website!

By no means did I want to have any major attribution, but Anthony was kind enough to offer me an official role in Lumiere's development team. Now, I serve as the Open Source Lead and hope that I'll be able to support Anthony in growing Lumiere to heights beyond!